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Yachting Lifestyle. Are you ready to live it?

Many people have a rather distorted view of yachts. Listening to them, they automatically think of very rich people relaxing in yachting clubs without having any stress at all. However, this picture is anything but true. Obviously, there is a category of people who most likely fit this description, but are a small minority. The yachting lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with this arrogant lifestyle. It is something much more essential.

You will definitely love the yachts if you like the following:


When you are on a boat, you feel that you have the opportunity to go wherever you want. Your only restrictions are the weather and the time you have at your disposal. How much you will miss, how many stops you will make, how long you will stay in each destination – these are all decisions that you make exclusively and only you. This flexibility offers a unique sense of independence and self-sufficiency.

Tesoro T40 (Inboard)


If you treat life as an adventure, then a boat vacation is definitely for you, as there are always surprises. Some are bad (adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems, etc.), but most are great! Unpredictability is part of the game and those who love adventure enjoy the unpredictable.

Tesoro T40 Yacht


When traveling by boat, you come very close to Mother Nature! In essence, you live in the water and you have the opportunity to enjoy this close relationship with the natural environment to the fullest extent possible. Swimming, snorkeling, diving, walking on the beach in search of shells and admiring the scenery around you are a unique experience for nature lovers.

Tesoro T40’s submersible platform


If you believe that travel is more important than destination, you are born for yachting. Discovering a bay with turquoise waters where you are completely alone or exploring the coast of an uninhabited island can make your day. Small or bigger joys that you can enjoy with only one boat.

Boat holidays are for everyone

Does your profile match this description? If so, take action! You can travel with a boat that costs millions or just enjoy the holiday experience of this kind by renting a boat for a week. The essence of this lifestyle is the same, but the image you have of the perfect summer vacation will change forever!

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