Discover your own hidden paradise

Sail the waters of Odysseus, bask in the warmth of the sun, experience the raw unfiltered beauty of Greece. By choosing your destination you are one step closer to discovering your personal paradise and we are here to draw you a map towards your dream holiday.
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The Sapphire waters of the Aegean

The perennial beauty of the Aegean Sea has made it one of the most desirable holiday destinations for vacationers and explorers alike. Discover the sapphire waters inviting you to explore, experience and dive into a nostalgic atmosphere of true freedom and raw, unfiltered beauty.

The emerald waters of the Ionian

Another top destination for explorers and adventures, a true heaven on earth with emerald waters and lush vegetation. Sail the same sea as Odysseus and give in to the call of the sirens that invite you to glide over crystal waters, fill your eyes with beauty and create unforgettable memories.

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The cobalt waters of the Saronic Gulf

Nestled between the peninsulas of Attica and Argolis, it is hard to imagine such blissful destinations so close to home. Perfect for island-hopping, the cobalt waters of the sardonic gulf are enticing and clear, adventurous and comfortable, a perfect destination for a short escape from reality.