Luxury performance with safety and elegance

Since the beginning of the operations, the boats manufactured by Tesoro Yachts are the product of the application of cutting-edge technologies and construction systems combined with the unending efforts to deliver excellence and perfection.

Working closely with the its shipyard and employing the finest designers, Tesoro never ceases to surpass clients’ expectations, turning dreams into reality and setting standards for the industry. All those standards have placed Tesoro at the top of the Yachting industry and they were the driving force that made a collaboration with EλGen Yachting a reality.

The result: A yacht of superiority and design with a solid and light construction. A home away from home, the epitome of luxury made to measure with unparalleled knowledge and quality. A vessel to elevate your lifestyle and help you create memories. A place of comfort, a world of possibilities, your own dream come true.

She will be whatever you want her to be

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