Yacht Sailing - See Greece by another point of view

Yacht Sailing – See Greece by another point of view

With the largest coastline in the Mediterranean – over 13,000 kilometers / 8,000 miles – and the eleventh largest coastline in the world – with 6,000 islands of which 227 are inhabited – Greece offers countless opportunities for those who love to travel by sea. With so many island complexes, Greece is a paradise for holidays by sailing or motor boat, as it satisfies all tastes and offers magical moments.

The warm weather, especially from May to October, the wonderful landscapes, the numerous archeological sites waiting to be discovered, the special villages and the hospitable people will offer you with absolute certainty an experience that will be unforgettable. Imagine traveling in crystal clear waters overlooking small, white churches, regular stops in hidden coves, swimming in coves with turquoise waters, anchoring in small harbors and enjoying the best Greek food, prepared with local products. A dream that can easily come true…

It is your decision how you prefer to get to know this charming place, by sailing or catamaran or cruiser. Our company provides many yacht rental options with crew. All you have to do is decide which area you want to discover first. You have so many options and so much flexibility! The short distances between the islands and the two Greek archipelagos, the Aegean and the Ionian, allow you to improvise and change direction as often as you want, depending on what you want each time: an isolated cove or a fully organized marina; BBQ on a pristine beach or having fun until the morning on one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world; a visit to an important monument that bears witness to the four thousand year history of this country or an exploration of a marine park. Truly, the possibilities are endless.

There is no doubt that Greece is a paradise that will take you years to fully explore by boat. So do not hesitate any longer. Make your dream come true and travel to the Greek seas with a sailing or motor boat. Try yacht rental this summer!

Why take a sailing vacation?

Sailing with a yacht is an alternative way to travel to the Greek islands, to see unique landscapes, to discover hidden beaches and to reach secret places, which can only be approached by boat. They give you complete freedom of movement but also unique privacy when you want it. At the same time, especially this year, it offers maximum security.

Sailing was one of the first and supreme forms of travel as at its base it did not need a machine to travel the boat. Today, although there have been huge changes in the evolution of boats, even when we hear the word sailing we combine it with either racing or “suffering”. Something that is completely wrong.

Sailing holidays are an alternative, this year safer than ever and a unique way to travel to enchanting landscapes that you can only see by boat. This is because it provides you with complete freedom of movement but also unique privacy when you wish. In addition, you do not need to have previous experience for this type of vacation, as there are experienced captains who know awesome locations that will be unforgettable.

Sailing holidays are unique for both groups and families, but it is important to note that depending on the age of the children in each family

Sailing vacation is a type of vacation used (it is mainly known) by people coming to our country from abroad. We would say that it is a pity in some places that people outside Greece know our homeland better.

This year more than ever is a great opportunity for Greeks to travel by boat as prices will be more affordable than ever.

For foreigners, Greek summer means Greek islands. And for many of them, holidays in Greece mean sailing holidays.

However, while sailing is a popular holiday destination for Italians, Central Europeans and Americans alike, this is not the case with Greeks. It would be an oxymoron, but in fact the Greeks, with their rich naval history and the sea in its ideal version easily accessible from almost any part of the country, rarely choose this type of vacation.

The timing for this to change seems ideal this year: On the one hand, the boat offers what is necessary for the period we are going through social distancing. And, on the other hand, the prices are lower while the availability of boats is higher. Thus, the exciting experience of a sailing vacation looks more charming, more affordable and smarter than any other year.

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