Yachting Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail while watching the sunset. Daydream looking at the endless horizon. Sunbathe on the deck. Fall asleep to the sound of water. Take a dip in the turquoise waters. All these images are inextricably linked with boat holidays. Today, a week’s vacation on a luxury yacht is no longer the exclusive prerogative of the rich and famous. More and more people are living this fantastic experience by traveling to popular yachting destinations around the world. Now, you can rent a crewed boat (sailing, catamaran or motor) and enjoy the best vacation of your life.

From the first moment you board the boat you will understand that the ultimate experience awaits you. So in order to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible, you should follow some simple rules, or otherwise, “nautical etiquette”, as experienced boat enthusiasts call it. Read the instructions below and get ready to live the ultimate fantasy!

Take care of the boat like your home

Sometimes it takes time to adjust to a new environment and relax. It is certain, however, that you will quickly get used to life on board and will be able to thoroughly enjoy this unique experience. But be careful not to overdo it! Take care of your temporary “shelter” like you take care of your home.

Respect the crew and their rules

You will quickly realize that everyone, both captain and the crew, are working very hard to make your wishes come true. They take care of everything. From making sure the boat is in top condition to catering to all your wants and needs. So treat them as you would your most valuable collaborators and give them the time and space they need to do their work.

Protect yourself

The crew is responsible not only for your fun but also for your safety. Listen carefully to the safety regulations and keep in mind the information about the life jackets and lifeboats on board. When you are at sea, you must respect maritime law.

Take appropriate luggage

Unless you are traveling on a superyacht, you should be aware that storage space on a boat is limited. Leave your rolling, hard suitcase at home and opt for a soft and collapsible luggage that you can store with ease.

Be considerate 

If you dock for the night but keep the party going, keep in mind that noise is amplified on the water and that there may be other boats or even houses in the vicinity. They may seem far away and you may not hear them, but chances are they can probably hear you.

Lose your shoes

Regular high-heeled shoes and dirty soles can cause damage to wooden decks, while leaving ugly marks on fiberglass surfaces. Many vessels require passengers to be barefoot or wear suitable soft-soled shoes. If the crew asks you to leave your shoes at the door, take them off and place them in the basket usually next to the stairs or boarding ramp.

Address the captain

If a problem occurs, do not try to solve it yourself. Talk to the captain who is responsible for solving any problem and maintaining proper conditions on board.

Book the right Yacht

Tesoro is synonymous with the luxury yachting lifestyle. Tesoro in Spanish means “Treasure” and it’s the right word to describe this magnificent Yacht. The case of the Tesoro T40 is a benchmark in perfection. The idea behind the build is an all-purpose boat that can meet the requirements as both a pleasure and performance vehicle and as a tender of a large superyacht. An ideal Yacht for the Greek waters making it excellent for a multi-day cruise to the islands or even a quick stroll along the coast.

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Tesoro T40 Yacht

Now you are ready to enjoy a boat vacation! It will most likely be the best vacation you’ve ever had!

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