Why Greece is a yachting paradise: From super-inflatables and sailboats, to mega-yachts

With a maritime tradition, mild weather conditions, a long coastline, numerous islands and safe seas, it is the most popular destination.

Greece has emerged as a world champion in yachting and both in 2020 and 2021, it remained the No. 1 destination for yacht charters internationally.

It should be noted that the global fleet of commercial yachts with crew increased in 2021 by 11% and today on Yachtfolio, the most important platform for commercial yachts, 1,878 yachts are registered, of which a large number are chartered in Greek waters.


The most popular destination for superyachts

Greece is now the most popular destination for superyachts. In 2021 it retained the top yachting position in the Mediterranean, securing 24% of the market, with France following with 19% and Italy with 17%. However, he notes that the ever-increasing demand for marine tourism highlights the deficiencies in infrastructure and marinas, taking into account the fact that the siting of marinas is a long-term process, both for environmental reasons and reactions of local communities. It is necessary, he adds, to create smart and flexible arrangements to encourage and promote light and floating elements to create berths.

The need to modernize the institutional framework of maritime tourism is imperative. The priorities are the reduction of bureaucracy, the increase of competition of professional vessels of Greek ship-owning interests and the limitation of illegal charters and unfair demands of interests accustomed to illegality. Also, the priorities for the enrichment of maritime tourism include, for example, nautical sports, diving and fishing activities, marine attractions, gastronomic quality meals, with an emphasis on overall quality, safety and environmental sensitivity.

Tesoro T40 Inboard

Greece, with its strong maritime tradition, mild weather conditions, long coastline, numerous islands, clean and safe seas for seafarers, attracts high-income tourists. it is important to advance the upgrading of the coastline of Attica, the rationalization of the institutional framework for the establishment and operation of tourist ports, the development of new marina management technologies, the provision of incentives for the increase of permanently docked vessels in our country, the restructuring of operation and supervision of Port and Municipal Funds at national level, the covering of legislative gaps in relation to abandoned boats and shipwrecks and the implementation of the national development plan for Greek maritime tourism.

Referring to the bill, recently passed by the Parliament entitled “Modernization of the institutional framework for the operation of pleasure boats and tourist day boats, strengthening the competitiveness of the professional pleasure boat industry and other provisions”, he emphasizes that it tries to contribute to a positive direction in the above. However, it clarifies that an exception is Article 8, which refers to the operation of commercial pleasure boats under the law of a non-European country. And this is because, as the Association of Greek Tourist Boat Owners pointed out, this particular article is in the wrong direction. However, the effort to remove anachronistic restrictions and implement digital tools continues.

Our country must lead the way for free navigation in the Mediterranean and strive to adopt common rules of taxation, customs duties, working conditions, safety and environmental protection. This is the only way to deal with the unfair competition of Greek shipping interests in the Greek seas and the island archipelago, which is considered the best in the world.

The comparative advantages

According to the Association of Greek Tourist Boat Owners, the Greek seas and coasts, with the many comparative advantages they offer, have made yachting a very popular activity, both among Greeks and among foreign visitors to the country. A trip to the calm Greek waters, with a private or chartered pleasure boat, offers the possibility to sail between beautiful island complexes, to anchor in natural sheltered bays of rare beauty, to visit inaccessible beaches and to swim safely in waters of exceptional clarity and clarity.

Find the right Yacht

Tesoro is synonymous with the luxury yachting lifestyle. Tesoro in Spanish means “Treasure” and it’s the right word to describe this magnificent Yacht. The case of the Tesoro T40 is a benchmark in perfection. The idea behind the build is an all-purpose boat that can meet the requirements as both a pleasure and performance vehicle and as a tender of a large superyacht. An ideal Yacht for the Greek waters making it excellent for a multi-day cruise to the islands or even a quick stroll along the coast.

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Tesoro T40 Yacht

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