Lobster Boats: Re-writing history - Classier than ever.

Lobster Boats: Re-writing history – Classier than ever.

The classic lobster boat has been described as the “pickup truck of the Maine coast,” so it’s no surprise that boatbuilders have been quick to claim their offerings are “lobster yachts,” no matter what their design credentials.

Lobster boats, as the name implies, are particularly suited to the needs of the lobstermen. However, they have been used for other purposes, including as pleasure craft; research vessels; and for other fisheries.

Toy Marine

Toy Marine was established at the end of 2002 by Alessandro Novella and Aldo Tomasina. Their idea was to create elegant marine motor boats, classic but not dated, with every element carefully thought out to balance tradition and design.

Toy Marine’s construction philosophy is based on classic lines and advanced technology. Design standards combine the characteristics of 1930s American boats – such as the Lobster Boats and Fast Commuters – with the 1960s Italian tradition based on high quality and insistence on detail, with extremely elegant yachts and very high quality finish.

The design and optimization of the boats takes place at the Nauta Design Studio in Milan, known for the successful construction of custom made boats as well as mass production boats. Thanks to the special construction of their hull, Toy Marine boats ensure high efficiency and comfort in sailing even in rough seas.

In Toy Marine’s bloodline, state-of-the-art technology is placed in a timeless stylistic context. Comfortable and reliable in all sea conditions, their deep V keel is designed to surf incoming waves and ensure course stability even in rough seas as well as a constant running trim at all speeds.

The origin of Toy Marine, technologically avant-garde boats, featuring all the solutions that are indispensable for making life on board a pleasure. The deep V hull guarantees comfort and seaworthiness in every condition, making boats safe and reliable.


Toy 36, the lobster that set the standard:

Class and elegance, a boat like a tailor-made suit. We are talking about Toy 36, which is considered the progenitor of the evolution of American lobster boats, in a modern key and with Italian taste. These boats are difficult to see because the Italian Toy Marine shipyard does not usually take part in any boat show and does not advertise them. Instead, you can find her exclusively at Milano Yachting Week.

What about the boat? If you ask a motorboat expert about it, he will tell you nothing but good things about it and if you see it on the quay you will be able to say “What class…and what elegance!”. This 11 meters is the only and original Toy Marine, a unique and unrepeatable boat. Toy 36 like all the other Toy (47/51/67) are boats built like a made-to-measure suit, customized to the needs of each individual owner, as the founder Aldo Tomasina says.


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