Hydra – The ultimate weekend escape

Sailing in one of the top destinations for yacht owners in Greece!

If you are looking for the ultimate weekend excursion away from Athens, then the picturesque island of Hydra should be your choice all year round. Hydra is a cosmopolitan island in the Saronic Gulf with an area of ​​50 square kilometers. It is an ideal destination for lovers of food, art and architecture. Widely known to sailors, the island is a car-free paradise, with more than 1,000 donkeys and mules being the only means of transportation. With beautiful stone mansions, built amphitheatrically around its port, Hydra is considered one of the most charming islands in Greece.

Almost all points of interest can be found on the waterfront or in the small streets behind the port. In the small town of Hydra, you can wander the cobbled streets and admire the houses that go up to the hills. Leonard Cohen, among others, bought and renovated a property there, being a member of a large group of prominent Greeks who had long appreciated the charm of the island. Sophia Loren participated in the 1957 film “The Child and the Dolphin” shot in Hydra, while on the island the Greek legendary actress Melina Mercouri filmed the film Phaedra, directed by Jules Dassin.

A refreshing break on the beach

Hydra is not widely known for its beaches, but there are many with stones and pebbles to bathe. Choose Avlaki, Hydronetta and Kamini if ​​you are looking for a quick dip near the city. Vlychos is one of the most famous beaches with pebbles and is ideal for families. There are seabeds and beach shops and hosts two taverns and two picturesque seaside chapels. Immediately after the seaside settlement of Vlychos, you will meet the Plaques of Vlychos. This is the beach of the luxury hotel “Four Seasons”.

Bisti (pebble) and Agios Nikolaos (200 m. With fine pebbles and sand, surrounded by pine trees) at the southwestern tip of the island have crystal clear waters and are ideal for swimming. Sailing there with a yacht takes approximately 20′ from Bisti, 35′ from Agios Nikolaos.

Spilia is another option and the ideal place to dive, enjoy the sunset and eat delicious food, while you are within walking distance of the city of Hydra.

Vlychos Beach

Destination for natural getaways of any kind

Hydra is ideal for hikers, climbers, sailors and riders. And when we say riders, we mean of course horsemen, since the island is a destination without motorcycles and cars but with many mules and horses for your transportation.

Try one of the organized excursions with horses or donkeys and enjoy the view of the monasteries, the beaches and the Saronic Gulf.

Take part in the Hydra’s Trail, which takes place every spring. From the 5 routes of the race, the “Eros mountain trail” stands out, a race of 26.3 km with a positive altitude of 1,250 m., While the originality of the two-day race is the “Downhill” race which is the only downhill race in Greece.

Whether you want to swim in one of its deep blue beaches, or just wander the streets and enjoy your coffee, why not visit some of the churches of the island from the 17th century, the only sure thing is that you will be full of beautiful pictures, and wonderful memories!

Hydra Port

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