Elgen Yachting presents Gagliotta

Elegant and classic, the line of Gagliotta boats attracts all eyes whether you are a man of the sea or not. Ideally designed and constructed for the waters and geography of the Aegean Sea, a true masterpiece that leaves no one unsatisfied.

The shipyard’s many years of experience in designing and building top quality and seaworthy boats comes from meticulous attention to detail. The love for handcrafted perfection, stems from the principles of classic yachting, which every experienced captain knows well is the secret ingredient that imparts substantial and timeless value to a yacht.

A real value recognized by its durability over time and its renowned stability in all weather conditions.


Gagliotta – The Range:

The basic model of the Gagliotta boats is the Lobster 35. Gagliotta boat series is divided into 4 models: the classic Lobster 35, the agile Gagliotta 37, the larger Gagliotta 44 and the wide & luxurious Gagliotta 52.

Gagliotta Lobster 35

HULL: The hull is formed with a vinylester resin skin coat, bottom and sides a sandwich of multiaxial material over a core of Termanto and vinylester resin, with an isophthalic gel coat.

EXTERIOR: The main deck is made of teak . The cockpit comprises a spacious dinette, seating 8 with an electric table that disappears into the floor, to the left of the cockpit area there is a practical and comfortable sofa, under which are inserted stowage spaces . Under the top behind the driver’s seat is the kitchen unit, with worktop, ceramic hob and polished steel sink with hot / cold water mixer . At the bottom of the kitchen unit , we have a refrigerator and stowage space. All panels are made of mahogany.

BELOW DECK: The interior is distinguished by the curved lines of its design. Of particular note is the curved bulkhead of the bathroom , that can be decorated with leather panels. Interior panels covered with fabric and ceiling panels in sky. The headboard upholstered in fabric. Side shelves, the bed frame and divan are in precious wood with flooring to match. Wall lamps, spotlights, handles and the bathroom appliances are in polished stainless steel. Electric general panel with distinctions of users 220V and 12 V.

BATHROOM: Surface with inbuilt washbasin, tap and flexible shower, shower grating and electric toilet with black water tank

Gagliotta Lobster 35

Gagliotta 37

At first glance

Gagliotta 37 combines practicality and comfort, gives safety and habitability. The spaces are well distributed, both inside and outside; and they are easily accessible, always, by everyone and in all conditions. The materials are simple and carefully chosen. The hull of the Gagliotta 37 guarantees seaworthiness. The distribution of spaces and the refined simplicity ensure true comfort.

Quick specs

2 cabins with 4 beds \ transformable dinette \ storage cabinet in dinette \ microwave oven \ LCD TV \ pair of opposing sofas with table \ external kitchen cabinet with cockpit fridge \ stern couch \ large bow sundeck \ large outdoor spaces, comfortable.

Gagliotta 44

At first glance

Gagliotta 44, a slender line extending towards the sea, plows the water with mastery. Large and airy outdoor areas, comfortable below deck spaces, accessories and technologies at the service of comfort, conviviality and safety. Τhe safety and strength of the dry hull always guarantee balance and seaworthiness.

Quick specs

2 cabins \ 2 large bathrooms with shower \ convertible dinette \ 4 + 2 beds \ Large storage spaces \ air conditioning \ TV in internal dinette \ outdoor kitchen with dedicated spaces and lockers \ large, comfortable, independent outdoor spaces.

Gagliotta 52

At first glance

Gagliotta 52: A fisherman who promises and keeps. An expert eye first of all captures the availability of spaces. With a maximum beam of just over 5 meters and an advanced driving position the result is precisely the width. So the comfort of the activities that take place on deck. It promises comfort at first sight and keeps it underway. Over 30 knots of maximum speed, an excellent cruise at 26. Harmonious lines, round but agile, sinuous.

Quick specs

3 cabins \ 6 berths \ crew cabin forward \ 2 bathrooms, one complete with shower and bidet \ kitchen equipped with everything \ spaces for washing machine and dishwasher \ three refrigerators \ ice maker \ televisions in cabin and dinette \ iPod \ autoclave reserve \ internal and external air conditioning \ air-conditioned crew cabin.

Find Gagliotta at the BOOT Show in Dusseldorf.

We are pleased to announce the participation of Elgen Yachting at the BOOT Dusseldorf on January 21-29, 2023.

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the Show and discover the new Gagliotta Yachts up close.

Gagliotta will present the design and possibilities of the Lobster 53, which is currently under construction, during BOOT Düsseldorf, from January 21-29, This 16-metre long fast-sailing luxury motor yacht offers a spacious owners cabin and 1 or 2 guest cabins with separate bathrooms and a separate crew cabin. The large shaded salon offers an unobstructed panoramic view with ample lounge seating and a well-executed galley. Enjoying the sun is nowhere better than on the spacious sunbeds on the bow and stern. The garage offers space for the tender. The high quality and beautiful lines associated with this lobster model make this yacht an absolute head turner in every harbor and a proud possession for every owner.


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